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By geolocating objects




Menu: CAD-Earth > Georeference drawing > By geolocating drawing objects in a map


Command line: CE_GEOREFOBJS




Select objects to geolocate:

Specify insertion base point:


CAD-Earth version: Basic, Plus.


Command description:


Using this command the parameters to convert between drawing coordinates and site latitude/longitude coordinates can be calculated by selecting reference objects in the drawing like lines or polylines and locating them in a map.


After you select the drawing entities to geolocate and specify an insertion point, the following map is shown:





The goal is to zoom in to the place where the reference objects are located in the real world and place them as close as possible to the exact location. The reference objects can be moved, scaled and rotated to adjust them until they match the site as close as possible.


Each toolbar button function is described in the following table:




Location search box. Type directions, keywords or latitude/longitude coordinates to find a location in the  map.

Zoom level selector. The zoom level can be from 2 (farthest) to 20 (closest). To change the zoom level select it from the list move your mouse wheel or select any item from the list and press the up or down keyboard arrow keys.

Zoom to window. Select to specify two points to define a window to zoom in to an area in the map.

Zoom to reference objects. Select to zoom in as close as possible to the reference objects extents.

Insert reference objects. Select to place the reference objects in the map selecting an insertion point.

Move reference objects. Select to move objects specifying a base point and a second point.

Scale reference objects. Select to scale objects specifying a base point, a reference point and a final point.

Rotate reference objects. Select to rotate objects specifying a base point, a reference point and a final point.

Delete reference objects. Objects are removed from the map. They can be inserted again in the map selecting the 'Insert reference objects' button.

Map mode.  Select to display a diagrammatic representation image showing artificial features with symbols and text annotations.

Satellite mode. Select to display a plain satellite image at the current zoom level.

Hybrid mode. Select to display an aerial image with map symbols and text annotations.

Service providers list. You can select from Google, Bing, Yahoo or Ovi image and map providers.

Accept. Select to save georeference parameters and close the form.

Cancel. Select to close the form without saving georeference parameters.

Help. Select to display this topic.





Switch to satellite image mode to identify prominent features in the site and place the object more accurately.

You can zoom in or out using your mouse wheel to see more details while moving, rotating or scaling reference objects.

Choose between different service providers to see which one offers the most updated imagery of the site.

You can drag the map by keeping the left button pressed and moving the mouse.


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