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By selecting two points




Menu: CAD-Earth > Georeference drawing > By selecting two points


Command line: CE_GEOREFPTS




Select objects to geolocate:

Specify insertion base point:



CAD-Earth version: Basic, Plus.


Command description:


Using this command the parameters to convert between drawing and the latitude/longitude coordinates of the site can be calculated by selecting two points in the drawing and typing their corresponding latitude/longitude coordinates. With this information the conversion parameters of translation, rotation and scale can be calculated and saved in the current drawing to be used by other CAD-Earth commands.



Dialog box to georefence drawing selecting two points




Pick first/second point buttons. Press to select the reference point in the drawing.

X Y coordinates. You can also type the corresponding X Y coordinates of the reference points in the corresponding numeric boxes.

Latitude/Longitude values. Type the corresponding values for degrees, minutes and seconds of the reference point.

Save georeference parameters to file button. Select to save translation, rotation, scale and EPSG parameters to a DGW text file.





You can type decimal values in the latitude/longitude degree boxes and the remaining second and minute boxes will be filled automatically. If you type a negative degree value the S (south) or E (East) direction will be automatically selected. For example, if you type -117.3457893 in the longitude degree box the value will be automatically converted to 117 degrees, 20 minutes and 44.84 seconds and the W direction will be selected.

The accuracy of the parameters for the conversion between drawing and latitude/longitude coordinates will depend on the precision of the latitude/longitude values for the selected points.

If you save the georeference parameters to file you can load them in another drawing using the load georeference parameters from file command to georeference a drawing.

Use the 'Show georeferenced objects' command to see drawing entities located in a map and make sure you have correctly georeferenced your drawing before using other CAD-Earth commands.


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