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Make point blocks




Menu: CAD-Earth > Make point blocks


Command line: CE_MAKEPTBLK




Block name:
Block description:

Specify insertion base point:

Select objects:


CAD-Earth version: Basic, Plus.


Command description:


This command is used to create block icons and add them to the placemark block library. When importing objects from Google Earth, the user can select the block that will be inserted in each placemark imported to the drawing.

The block name and description will be displayed as a tooltip when the mouse pointer is placed over an image in the library.

All block files and descriptions will be saved to the Blocks\Placemarks folder, which is located in the CAD-Earth installation directory.




Draw or rescale all block drawing entities inside a 1x1 drawing unit box before the block is created. This way, the block scale you specify will be the size of the blocks inserted in the drawing.

Try to keep the block symbols simple to reduce the drawing file size after insertion.


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