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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




What's the difference between CAD-Earth Basic and Plus versions?


With CAD-Earth Basic you import and export images and objects to Google Earth. With CAD-Earth Plus you can additionally import terrain configurations from Google Earth, draw contour lines, create and annotate cross sections and profiles and perform slope zone analysis.



CAD-Earth Basic

CAD-Earth Plus

Georeference drawing commands

Grab map/image

Import geoimage

Import objects from Google Earth

Export CAD screenshot to Google Earth

Export CAD Objects to Google Earth

Make point blocks

Import terrain mesh from Google Earth

Draw contour lines

Set mesh visibility

Draw cross sections from mesh

Annotate cross sections

Draw profile from mesh

Annotate profile

Slope analysis


What are the limitations of the CAD-Earth demo version?


The CAD-Earth Demo Version has the following limitations:


A limit of 500 points when importing a terrain mesh from Google Earth.

Only 10 objects can be imported to AutoCAD or exported to Google Earth.

All images imported to AutoCAD or exported to Google Earth have 'CAD-Earth Demo Version' text watermark lines.

A Demo Status form is shown with information about purchasing and activating licenses and days remaining for evaluation before each CAD-Earth command.


The CAD-Earth Registered Version can process any number of points and objects and don't have this limitations.



What's the difference between CAD-Earth 1 year and permanent licenses?


The CAD-Earth 1 year license, unlike the permanent license, has to be purchased again when the licensed time is expired. The permanent license doesn't expire and can be updated to a newer CAD-Earth version at any time.


What are the system requirements to use CAD-Earth?


CAD-Earth doesn't need any additional requirements from the ones needed to run AutoCAD optimally (please consult your documentation). Google Earth Free or Pro version 5 or newer must be installed in your computer.  If you don't have Google Earth installed you can download the free version from:

Also, the Google Earth Plug-in must be installed in your web browser. To install the Google Earth Plug-in you can go to:


How can I transfer a CAD-Earth license to another computer?


To transfer a license to another computer you must first get a deactivation code from the authorized computer in the CAD-Earth License Manager. Then you must access your account in the CAD-Earth License Activation Center and enter the site code and deactivation code to update the corresponding license for the new computer.

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